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Lovely, simple wooden toys, games, swings and children's play furniture for younger children

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Wooden swing+sand rope

WOODEN DOLLHOUSE on the magnets M-grey

WOODEN CHILDREN Stool X dark grey

Backpack Rabbit khaki

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About Our Company

We are Ukrainian manufacturer high-qualified toys made of wood.

Using European experience in a design we appreciate our traditions, besides create modern open-ended toys.

As we don’t have finale aim and any rules or instructions a child can create own rules.


  1. Environmentally friendly
  2. Safe
  3. Local raw stuff and manufacturing
  4. European quality standard
  5. Innovation design with our traditional
  6. Open-ended toys for creative development of children
Buy direct US Retailer 1

How YouCan Help

If you have information about Ukrainian products or services available in the USA, please contact me →