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Welcome to our Accessories category, where you will find a variety of accessories made in Ukraine to complement any outfit or style. Our collection includes handbags, dog collars, hats, wallets, and more, all crafted with high-quality materials and attention to detail by talented local designers and artisans. Browse our selection and discover unique pieces that will add a touch of Ukrainian charm to your life.

Friendly Gift UA

Personalized exclusive handmade gifts for friends and loved ones

Wire Wrap Natural Stone

Handmade pendant necklace with natural crystal stone

Moms Can Fly

Folk Nouveau Clothes & Accessory from Ukraine

Memory Steel UA

Ukrainian handmade keychain – a talisman of victory – made from a Piece of Russian Tank


The memory engraved in coins from Bucha – a small town with a brave heart


Ukrainian brand of modern embroidery clothing – DNA of the Nation

Basic clothes for those, who appreciate beauty and comfort.

Silver Stories

Damn cool silver jewellery


The first street-wear brands in Ukraine

Ruslan Baginskiy Hats

World famous hats with Ukrainian origin – comfortable, utilitarian, trendy


Women’s clothing brand using high-quality materials and premium-quality tailoring


Kyiv-Based womenswear and accessories brand using Ukrainian motives and ethnical attitude

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