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The memory engraved in coins from Bucha - a small town with a brave heart

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Custom Exclusive coin from Bucha

War Legacy: russian Tank Skin, Veteran Memorial Gift, Military Keychain

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About Our Company

Coins from Bucha – a small town with a brave heart

We are two friends, natives of Bucha, who met in the first grade and graduated from school together. Then our paths diverged: Vlad connected his life with architecture, and Dmytro found himself in the study of economics. In times of peace, we worked on our own front – we built our future and the future of our community. Each of us lived our own lives and only occasionally met. But the war has changed everything… Needless to say, what a shock this terrible event was for us. Our life turned upside down. We, like every Ukrainian, lost something during this tragedy: work, property, acquaintances, friends. But all these disagreements did not break us. On the contrary, our people have united like never before. Thus, we, two comrades who sat at the same desk once a long time ago, united again, but this time to create something special, something that we had never done before. A small thing that will fit in the hand of even a child, but with a story that will be too heavy for only one heart.

Thus, we came up with the idea to create a collectible brass coin. Not only a Collectible coin – but also something more than just a souvenir. A coin in which we have invested a particle of the tragedy of our city in every detail and every little thing, so that the form and meaning merge into a single whole – the most material embodiment of the tragedy that we managed to create and which you can touch.

The Buchan coin is not only a souvenir

We are the native Buchans, who created it with our own hands from our ideas. We selected materials related to Bucha and what happened in it and depicted on them images that have both a direct and symbolic connection with those dark days. During the creation thoughts about what happened did not leave us for a moment, and they found their place in this coin – the Buchan coin.

We want our project to inspire every Ukrainian, from the youngest to the oldest, to start doing what they can. We wish them to start changing something, to improve it, to start acting. Our main message: you have to work tirelessly!

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