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Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

Welcome to our “Musical Instruments” category, showcasing the best collection of instruments made in Ukraine. Discover the rich cultural heritage and musical traditions of Ukraine through our diverse range of handmade and high-quality instruments from various Ukrainian brands and stores featured in our directory. From traditional folk instruments to modern designs, our selection offers a unique sound and style that is sure to impress any musician.

Sky Jam Percussion

Amazing Music instruments – Kalimba, Travel Cayon, Bar Chimes. Follow Your Own Rhythm

Divya Svara

Metallophone – musical instruments for sound healing Meditation & Yoga

Woodwind UA

Elegant woodwind flutes, creative wooden decor for home – and cool forged steel axes

Noisy Wood

Personalized Musical Instruments for Music Lovers & Wood Art

Lyudmila’s Art

Handmade flute – engraved ceramic ocarina with graphic art and pleasant sound

Good Mood Shop

Steel tongue drums that will help you relax and destress


Production of high quality acoustic guitars and banduras

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