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Production of high quality acoustic guitars and banduras

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Bandura "Kharkiv type"

Bandura "Chernihiv type" white

New Ukrainian Seven 7 String Guitar, Cut-away Acoustic Classic Guitar Handmade Natural Wood

New Ukrainian 4 Strings Guitar Kobza Bass Lute Wooden Hand Painted Folk Original, 56

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About Our Company

60-yeared experience of acoustic guitars production made the name of “Trembita” a synonym of high quality in the music industry. Using new technologies “Trembita” managed to provide mass consumers with row of possibilities which were before available by far more expensive instruments. Enterprise, in fact, works for establishment of new sound standards and price relations, possibility of obtaining a guitar both for popular and individual use by the musicians.

The enterprise management supports both conservative ways of goods transfer to the buyer (enterprise – producer – store) and new methods which proved themselves to be not bad ones, namely – establishing of dealers net. These methods allowed the extension of guitars sale all over the territory of Ukraine and abroad. Sale of guitars manufactured in Lviv involves Moldova, Russia, Belarus, Baltic countries, Holland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Greece, Norway, USA, Canada, Poland. Using new technologies, accessories of high quality, the best species of timber: resonance fir, sycamore, maple, mahogany, ebony; new kinds of designing, experience and high qualification of professionals – all this allows to provide the consumer with qualitative and safe guitars.

Depending on demands of each market segment there was set up a new logical system of product mix development. It is modern approach when firstly the task is set, and only afterwards the instrument comes into production. In such a way were developed and introduced into the production chain fourteen various types of handicraft guitars: these are handicraft guitars (6 and 12 stringed), JCG “Jumbo” guitars, SJG “Semi-Jumbo” guitars, FJG “Reduced Jumbo” guitars, DCG “Dreadnote-cataway” – guitars with the notch which allows the unmatched smooth sound while lower stop play, DG “Dreadnote” guitars (6 and 12 stringed), CG classic series guitars (two types), guitars for beginners (four types) with the possible grif canting angle adjustment by means of special screw.

The range of products has been always extending and owing to broad surface colour spectrum it meets requirements of the most fastidious consumers. At the present stage new types of guitars has been designed and produced by the enterprise designers, electric guitars production chain has been introduced.

Our enterprise tends to provide both current and potential consumers with the comprehensive data, we always work on the market exploration, sale promotion, effective advertisement.

Oleksij Zvolinsky (Skrjabin)
Eduard Prystupa (Dilja)

Guitars from Lviv have been systematically presented at the exhibitions in Poland, Russia and International music fair in Kyiv. Besides guitars production Trembita is the only one Ukrainian company which produces folk musical instruments.

We are proud to produce the national instrument – bandura. Banduras of Kyiv or Kharkiv type are produced with keys, also we produce banduras for adolescent. Banduras produced in Lviv are well-known in Ukraine, Canada, Austria, USA, Russia, France.

In 2003 we extended range of folk instruments, namely six-stringed kobza “Prima”, kobza “Al’t”, domra, Russian national instrument balalaika, Greek instrument buzuki.

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