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Metallophone - musical instruments for sound healing Meditation & Yoga

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Divya Sound Healing Metallophone - Waterfall Instrument for stress relief

Divya Sound Healing Metallophone - Fire Instrument for stress relief

Carrying Case Bag for Tibetan Singing bowls

Divya Sound Healing Metallophone - Eternal Instrument for stress relief

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About Our Company

What does the name DIVYA mean?
Once I happened to see and play the Magic Instrument – a metallophone. And I wanted to play such an instrument, listen, and immerse myself in its magical enchanting sounds. And I decided to make it for myself.

Over time, after much trial and mistakes, I was able to make my own metallophone. And, hearing his sound magical, wonderful, Supernatural, I began to look for a name suitable for him. And one that would capaciously combine all these concepts and properties. And I found that in Sanskrit the word “Divya” means: Divine, Supernatural, Marvelous, wonderful.
I realized that this is exactly what I need! )))

Divy’a – (Sanskrit) – Divine; Heavenly; wonderful, marvellous, supernatural, beautiful.
Also: div 1) play; 2) have fun.

Altar cloth hand painted by Ukrainian artist on natural linen fabric

The name Divya, all the depth and sacredness of this word unfold and revealed for me gradually. So much Love has been invested in creating this instrument! Attention was paid to every detail, every element of the design. Using sacred geometry, the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence, I developed harmonious proportions, visually attractive forms, aesthetically and tactilely pleasing materials.
The result is a work of art with a refined, original author’s design and divine sound!

• Divya gives Divine emotions! 😉 •
• Divya – Divine musical instruments for sound healing.
• Divya is a Temple of Sound that is always at hand.
• Divya is a new instrument for mental travel, communication with God – yourself.
• Divya helps to explore reality through feelings, sensations.
• With Divya we expand the horizons of consciousness 😉

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