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Steel tongue drums that will help you relax and destress

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About Our Company

Our specialty is the production of steel tongue drums, in which we have been specializing since September 23, 2014. We are also the first drum workshop in Kyiv and one of the first in Ukraine.

Our goal is to make the world a better place by bringing people together through music. The love of music is what unites us, and we believe that it is the most powerful connecting mechanism in the world

We understand what should be done to give customers an opportunity to shop online and provide the best customer service.

We have been working with drums since 2014 and today have happy customers from all around the world. Buy a steel tongue drum from a trusted seller. Go only for the best instrument, save your time and money.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas! 🙂

We are producing a new generation of musical instruments called the Happy Drum.
They have various names, such as steel tongue drum, dream drum, and tank drum. In Ukraine they are also known as gluckophone (glucophone)
It is a mistake to call them a hang drum or a handpan, despite the fact that both the gluckophone and the hang drum belong to idiophonic instruments and have in most cases a pentatonic setup.

During this time we have produced about 3,000 musical instruments and carried out a number of revolutionary innovations and improvements of the sound and visual appearance of steel tongue drums.
Our instruments can be found in almost every corner of your planet

All of our instruments are handmade.

It is important for us that the instruments are a reflection of the great soul of their owners

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