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Personalized Musical Instruments for Music Lovers & Wood Art

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Mini hawaiian guitar

Wooden Electroacoustic Stomp box

Wooden Electro Stomp box

Foot Tambourine - personalized percussion for the lag

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About Our Company

Noisy Wood is a workshop of original handmade musical instruments for people who love music in all its manifestations!

We put our souls into every instrument! So that you can rest in a pleasant sound and beautiful appearance of our products.

With them, you always and everywhere will play music: near a fire on a hike with friends, under a starry sky, in a park, on a stage, on the street and at home.

Our vocation is to give people joy and smiles!

We can create beautiful engraving on your musical instrument! Name, logo or picture! Making it unique and unrepeatable!

Thanks to the hardness of the wood and the brass jingles made by our own hands too, the sound is very bright, rolling and sonorous!

About 80-85% of our orders are coming from the USA. Your order can be next!

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