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About Our Company

Hi! My name’s Nataliia and I’m the creator and owner BavaCraftKit. When a kid, I often visited my Grandma for vacations. She taught me various handicraft: sewing, embroidery, crocheting and knitting. While sitting there with tambour or knitting needles in my hands, I imagined myself a beautiful princess imprisoned in a castle. Now, I often see my Granny’s place in my dreams which makes me feel as happy as I used to be at that time…

I grew up, and now have my own little princess – my daughter Margarita. Handwork, crafting and all types of creative projects have become our most favorite pastime. There have been hardly techniques left that we did not give a try: we mastered decoupage, painted interior items in a variety of colors, crafted beads made accessories and modelled Origami toys. It is no secret that today kids start using gadgets at very early age which makes it rather difficult to get them off these with time. I did not want my daughter to retreat to illusory worlds, so I tried to get her interested in joint creative activities!

Later, I got an idea of establishing my own brand of creativity kits. I realized it would be great to make things aimed to improve imagination and inventiveness in children. The things that would let parents spend rewarding and productive time with their kids.

This is how BAVA TM – a Ukrainian brand of creativity kits – appeared. Our products are designed by real masters of their craft and made with love and care of our kids! In their making, we use exceptionally high quality organic materials like New Zealand wool in felting kits, Spanish felt for toy sewing craft, Turkish hypo-allergenic wool for crocheting, high-quality plywood and MDF for decoupage and painting on wood, and so on.

Inside our kits, you will find all the materials necessary for crafting as well as a thorough photo or video manual. Our products are designed for children above 6 years old, teenagers and even adults.

The variety of presented techniques and crafts include: felting and crocheting tools; iron beads mosaic, felt sewing kits; decoupage, card making, painting on wood sets; foam and denim handmade accessories kits; materials for cloth dolls making, weaving and Christmas accessories crafting tools.

TM BAVA willingly participates in various exhibitions and trade fairs. In Ukraine, we have already presented our products at a number of international events like Baby Expo-2017, Baby Expo-2018, and Hand Made Expo-2018 specialized displays. Also, we are always on the lookout for wholesale buyers and distributors worldwide.

Our kits present a perfect chance to discover the world of Hand Made and Crafts and make our world a much prettier and friendlier place to live in!

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