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About Our Company

The COLLAR Company is a family-owned business and its history started from the first collar which was made by Yuriy Sinitsa and his father from the army belt for his dog.

The first manufacture was located in a two-room flat. Since 1995, the COLLAR Company has grown into an international company with a team of 500+ employees and with a presence in 78 countries.

Yuriy Sinitsa is the owner of the Company. His younger brother is responsible for managing operations. Nikolai made his way from a designer to CEO over the last 15 years.

Their father Yuriy Sinitsa is a director of Logistics and Quality and a head of SuperCat wooden litter manufacturing.

The Sinitsas have a high level of mutual trust and a common goal – to make more happy pets and their pet parents. These principles help them to develop a successful international company during the last 26 years.

AiryVest jacket is the world’s lightest jacket for dogs. It is warm, comfortable, stylish, and double-sided. Perfect choice for cold spring, dry autumn and mild winter. Due to the reversible design, buying one item, a customer gets a jacket of two colors.
COLLARTEX - Innovative material developed by COLLAR Company.

Key Priorities

Modern production

With support from the EU and EBRD, the manufacturing was the subject for LEAN production implementation. As a result of this work, productivity increased 2.5 times – while production has already abandoned 25% of the area. The staff turnover is less than 5%, and the time spent on production has decreased 40 times. But the main result is a motivated production employee who thinks fundamentally differently.
Reliable partnership

According to our motto, we focus on long-term relationships with distributors, our official representatives, and all the resellers. We appreciate the cooperation and support of our business partners

Continuous development

Our research and development department continuously generates new innovative products with competitive advantages on the international market. COLLAR Company’s R&D department provides all steps from idea to mass production.

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