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Ukrainian sock manufacturer making 100% cotton socks

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Evening Winter Socks 2-Pack

Puzzle Kylym| 875 pieces

Roots Silk Scarf

Bag — Farm | Durable material | Super Compact | Water-resistant

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About Our Company

Dodo Socks is a Ukrainian sock manufacturer founded in the fall of 2015 with the aim of reinventing casual basics.

The entire production cycle of our products – from design to manufacturing and packaging – takes place in Ukraine. This allows us to have full control over the quality of the final product and develop great design without neglecting functionality.

Dodo Socks storefront in Lviv, Ukraine
Inside our store in Kyiv, Ukraine

Despite the danger of missile strikes, our team remains in Ukraine and keeps working to support the economy of Ukraine and resist russian terror. Thanks to our clients, we raised over $300 000 USD for protective gear and medical supplies for Ukraine’s armed forces.

By ordering our products, you become part of a greater mission to support Ukraine in its fight for freedom and democracy.

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