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Beautiful Ukrainian ethnic clothing - men's and women's embroidery shirts

Featured Products

Embroidered shirt with floral ornament Lito

White linen dress with floral embroidery Sobachko

Yellow embroidered shirt for girls Sunny Kids

Men's embroidered shirt with a collar Chernihivska

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About Our Company

Etnodim is a brand of Ukrainian ethnic clothing.

We combine traditional ornaments with symbols of the modern history of Ukraine.

With the help of clothes, we transfer knowledge about modern values and events to the next generations.

We turn to the past in order to create the style of a new generation.

Work in ETNODIM is something more than the usual mechanisms of labor
ETNODIM has its own traditions

We work hard, and we laugh.
We get tired and take a rest.

We do more than clothes
because we feel
part of an important job..

We all ended up here
because we wanted to create
and give beauty to others.

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