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An authentic collection of furniture, lighting, and décor

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About Our Company

FAINA is an authentic collection of furniture, lighting, and décor. Established in 2014 as a reflection of the strong social-cultural changes in Ukraine, FAINA takes roots in the country’s cultural heritage and represents modern Ukrainian design.

Following the philosophy of live design, the FAINA collection is released two times per year — during Winter and Summer solstice, days of natural renewal.


In 2018 brand launched a unique project — design expedition “Land inspires” aimed to draw attention to the rich cultural heritage of Ukraine.
Victoria Yakusha. The founder of YAKUSHA and FAINA, she is the mastermind behind live minimalism, a cultural heritage architect, and a global ambassador of Ukrainian design.

In 2019 interior by Yakusha Design was selected among the 5 best offices in the world by the Dezeen Awards, and the studio’s founder Victoria Yakusha gained the title the designer of the year — ELLE Decoration Design Award.

In 2019 Yakusha Design opened a residential showroom of FAINA in Belgium, Brussels. Now the studio works internationally both on private and commercial projects focusing on live design and sustainable approach.

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