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100% Natural wool carpets, bed covers and rugs fresh from the weaving machine.

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About Our Company

Gushka is a social project formed at the intersection of important stories:


The project was born in the village of Yavoriv – the capital of weaving in Ukraine. Previously, almost every home in this village had a weaving machine, and everyone in that home knew how to weave.


100% natural and ecologically clean wool from Ukrainian sheep, grazed on a flawless canvas of Carpathian nature.


Preserve and modernize the ancient Ukrainian tradition. Remind about the quality of the Ukrainian product and bring warmth and comfort to every home.


Restore respect to the ancient craft of weaving and let people have Ukrainian products of good quality in each home, not only in Ukraine but also abroad.


Gushka was created as a social business, financial supporting the project Didova Khatchyna – a creative space in the mountains. That is where we invest 75% of product profits.

At the same time, Gushka is an original project. Same as Didova Khatchyna, it popularizes Ukrainian traditions and attracts people attention. Every rug and blanket becomes a special place in your home. Warm and inspiring, created personally for you.

A place that creates a special atmosphere and where you definitely want to return.

Wool. Traditions. Happiness.
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