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Handcrafted jewellery and wooden decorations from a Ukrainian jewellery brand

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Bird and flowers — ring made of white and yellow gold with diamonds

New Muse — set made of palladium gold with pink spinel and diamonds

First Army of Peace — pendant made of oxidized silver

Source of life — bracelet made of oxidized silver and yellow gold with chrysolite

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About Our Company

The History of Kochut

The three of us, Yuri, Roman and Igor Kochut, started making jewellery in high school. However, we only started creating jewellery on a professional level when we entered Uzhhorod National University. We later graduated with degrees in mechanical engineering, and our time in higher education allowed us to learn the technology of metal processing on both chemical and mechanical levels. At first, we made pendants and rings from copper, tin and brass, and then we began to work with silver and stones. The first piece we put up for sale was a knight’s necklace made of silver eagles. We operated out of a mini-workshop we had set up in our home.

Kochut: more than 7 years of development of jewelry art

Our path to jewelry manufacture began with one dream — to devote our lives to our beloved business, which brings us pleasure, and to others — positive emotions and unforgettable memories. It was a difficult and long journey, but over time we were able to go through it.

We believe that we have achieved success not only thanks to the professionalism because there are many excellent craftsmen in the world, who continue to remain in the shadows. We owe this breakthrough to our beloved parents. They raised in us: the love to work, responsibility for our actions, a belief that under any circumstances, you need to stay human. All of these factors are the key to personal growth and overall success.

Thousands of subscribers on social networks, hundreds of positive reviews from our customers, and the sparkle in the eyes of our customers — tell us about the correct choice of the path that we are moving on.

Each piece of jewelry is made by us independently from the very beginning to the end. This approach allows us to control the manufacturing process and maintain high-quality products. Design, casting, creating jewelry, processing with decorative coatings, and fixing stones - all are done in one workshop.
Most jewelry is created entirely by hand (for example, rings in the Mokume Gane technique), which allows us to create exclusive and unique works. After all, some products cannot be repeated in an exact copy.

How we differ from other jewelry brands?


Time passed; we grew every day with every new decoration. And in one day, Kochut has grown to the point where three people are no longer able to cover the full range of jewelry responsibilities. We needed a team of professionals who shared our views and values. In fact, we wanted to see people, who could also put their soul into each product and work with maximum efficiency. After all, only in this way, you can approach professional excellence.

Thus, we managed to find the first assistants, managers, and designers. At the moment, we are united by something more than just professional relationships — we have become one family… A family in which there is always and will be mutual support and understanding.

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