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Realistic Handmade Stuffed Animals and High Quality Cotton Yarn

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Realistic guinea pig

French Bulldog

Needle Felted animal tiny Pet Bunny

Parrots lovebirds figurine pair

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About Our Company

Hello and welcome to my store, here you will find handmade realistic animals made ​​by dry felting. I am a designer and developer of the products, they are unique . Everything is made with love in a good mood.


I am a simple Ukrainian woman, I love nature, animals and want to decorate this world at least a little. I have always been fascinated by art and nature. One day I started with a doll and made a felt rabbit as a prop. Natural wool is a very pleasant warm energy material and from a cloud it turned out to be the first little rabbit. When I posted my first rabbit and my first customer bought it and left a 5 star review, I got wings 🙂

Then I wanted to develop further and started learning new techniques in sewing realistic animals and began creating them according to my patterns (duckling, French bulldog, guinea pig, budgerigar, lovebirds, kitten) and there were a lot of other ideas. I liked that the toy could move and change positions.

Please click on my Etsy store below and choose a lovely toy for yourself or your loved ones

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