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The voice of young & socially active people speaking through the fashion industry

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About Our Company

keepstyle is the voice of young and socially active people speaking through the fashion industry

simple and clear design allows you to find something for different people

we do not broadcast one particular style or ultra-fashion trends, we are saying that everyone’s style inside depends on activities, background and interests

our mission is to influence more people to become independent of social norms and standards, to hear their inner voice and to know that they are not alone


at some point, we realized that we have the opportunity to talk with the audience through design and therefore it is important for us to lay down each collection, we touch upon a socially important topic and reveal our position:

so in the fall of 2019, we created the Serious Collection — a collection about conscious consumption and the problem of non-degradable plastic, and in the summer of 2020 we released Local Voyage in support of the idea of local tourism
Maker’s collection of those who create, not consume
Error collection about the internet addiction problem



actually, keepstyle is not about clothes
it’s about a community of people who share common values and want to do important things

in collaboration with the Elena Pinchuk Foundation, a capsule just say it was released — a charity project about sexual awareness.
Same but different capsule in collaboration with happy today — charity project to raise awareness of acceptance of people with autism.
we are supported by BURO 24/7, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Marie Claire, Anywell, Fashion Talks, HD Fashion, Bazilic and others



keepstyle was founded by Lera Kutkovaya in 2013 in Kharkiv as a local brand of T-shirts and sweatshirts, but we have been counting down the existence of today’s version of the brand since 2018 when the restyling took place and the first full collection was released

over the past few years, keepstyle has become an important part of Ukraine’s fashion industry, especially through socially important collections such as Pose on the perception of the body and Serious Collection on conscious consumption of sexual awareness

we are supported by such publications as Vanity Fair, Kaltblut, BURO 24/7, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Marie Claire, Any well, Fashion Talks, HD Fashion, Bazilic, Harpers Bazaar, and others

“for 9 years we have had a lot of experience in design, business, production, customer support. we are still growing and developing every day, and now we are in a new military environment and looking for new ways of inspiration and creativity,” says Lera

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