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Our values

We don’t believe in making smart things just because they are smart. Also, we don’t believe in a smart home with a lot of plasma screens around you to show what’s going on.

We think the home of the future should be cosy as it used to be hundred years before with its beautiful, simple interiors, but, at the same time, habitual things should get intelligence without sacrificing to their look and feel. We stick to the Enchanted Objects concept proposed by David Rose, which we tried to implement during the design of LaMetric Time.

Nike+ FuelBand is one of the stylish product that was a huge inspiration to the LaMetric Time at the concept stage. We wanted to build a screen that looked like was part of the black casing when the device was switched off, and when switched on clearly projected the screen across a large physical space with sharp, bright square pixels. It was important to avoid the typical design of digital screens and to make the natural object which fits into your traditional home.

Most people doubted it was even possible, but this motivated us even more to bring it to life. As a result, the unique industrial design of LaMetric Time enhances your interior and doesn’t leave anybody indifferent.


Technology should be our tool for reaching better productivity and make us more efficient. We believe that the technology which brings us important information at a glance saves your time on getting key things and prepares you for better decisions.


People are different, and it’s important to give people the possibility to reflect human individuality in the things they own. Each home, office or desk describes and emphasises their owners personality in a different way. We have tried to keep that in mind by giving people the choice to select from thousands charming Faces and Apps which make the clock personalised to the customer.


Technology should work for people without being noticed. The interface to any technology should be as smooth as possible, and the overall user experience should leave a pleasant feeling. Ticker display, fast reaction, comfortable mobile apps and three simple buttons make operations on our smart clock easy. Big buttons don’t allow to mistake and a highly visible display make information accessible for everyone.


“The Creative Adult Is The Child Who Survived” said Ursula K. Le Guin. We couldn’t agree more. Everyone is creative, and development of this skill is the must for the future. In LaMetric Time we tried to evolve creativity with an intuitive and easy way to create personal Faces and simple development environment to build your own apps.

Thank you all for staying with us on the mission to build nice looking and intelligent home!

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