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Conceptual jewelry brand that creates a feeling of magic

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About Our Company

LUTIKI is a conceptual jewelry brand created by costume designer, Sonya Soltes. Based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The brands style is inspirided by ortodox heritage. In our core is an idea of trasforming ordinary objects into the symbols. Creating feeling of magic by wearing them.

Lutiki is mostly known for a scrunchie bracelet. The designer considers a plastic hair scrunchie to be a cultural phenomenon and an artifact. Women all over the world wear it on their wrists as a bracelet, so Sonya embodied the elastic in a piece of gold-plated brass jewelry.

From 24th of February 2022, when Russia star a war in Ukraine. From this moment our team is dedicated to stop the agression and support people who are fighting with the russian dictator’s invasion to Ukraine.

We deside to continue our production with one piece – Seed from Ukraine pendant. Funds will be donated for the needs of local communities suffering from the war.

Thank you for standing with Ukraine!

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