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Medieval Viking shields, reenactment, weapons for HMB battles

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Medieval Heater Shield for HMB battles

Shaman drum, Tambourines hand drum

Viking metal forged spear head for reenactment battles

Medieval leather belt bag, reconstruction belt bag

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About Our Company

Dear friends. We work!
We are actively preparing for the new tournament season

All kinds of shields are available to order to protect you in battle and make you the best in the tournament

Worldwide Delivery! Our mail and delivery services are working.

Ukrainian soldiers bravely defend our country
Together to victory!

Small buckler shield, medieval wooden shield
Hand Forged Metal Round Ring Jewelry Dish

Our medieval heater shields are durable, made according to the author’s method of our main blacksmith. It is thanks to this production technique that our shields are reliable protection in competition. We use only the best materials. 100% handmade.

Our shields are allowed to participate in HMB competitions. Our MedievalUA received a silver medal from the Battle of Nations “artisans and craftsmen people’s choice awards 2021”

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