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Manufacturer of beautiful linen clothing and textiles

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Suit jacket loose fit and maxi palazzo pants yellow

Linen shorts for men mustard

Blue linen shirt

Loft Pale Rose bedding set with hidden buttons

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About Our Company

MORANDI is a Ukrainian brand that creates high-quality and stylish collections of clothing and bedding made from natural and high-quality materials.

Every woman is unique, refined and multifaceted. And we are only too happy to emphasize her individual and inimitable style. That’s why our clothes are chosen by women who have and appreciate style and quality, who want to look sophisticated, perfect and natural at the same time.

By creating our clothes from safe, environmentally friendly materials and technologies, we care about the safety of people and the environment. Small factories and ateliers like ours, which produce limited collections, do not cause such damage to the planet. Our production is waste-free – we sew bows and elastic bands from the leftover fabric, which we send as a gift to each order of clothes. And a linen bag for bedding. We have a designer, a technologist, a cutter and seamstresses working at the production site. We employ people who really love what they do.

Beautiful original designer clothes – that’s what the MORANDI brand gives to its customers!

Our philosophy is eco-friendly fashion

Touching natural fabrics is simply magical. It doesn’t matter whether you go to bed and fall into the arms of delicate linen or put on a cozy bathrobe, every inch of your skin will enjoy the touch of natural materials. It is for these tactile sensations that we love linen. How can you compare touching natural fabric?

It’s as pleasant as petting a cat or running your hands through cereal or warm sand. That is why we create things exclusively from natural materials, we respect and value them. Our products are addressed to those who want to fill their homes with coziness and positive energy.

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