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Innovative software-driven mosquito trap

About Our Company

Those pesky insects not only spoil your evening nights on the terrace, but the reason of 600 million confirmed cases of mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, dengue, Zika, etc., that averages to up to 1 million deaths annually.

Software-driven mosquito trap

We provide innovative turn-key solution to protect people from mosquitoes without chemicals

High  efficacy
Decreases mosquitoes
bites by 93%

70% expenses savings

Weather Proof
Solid stainless-steel body

No chemicals
Patented luring system augmented by unique

Butterfly and bee friendly
Harmless to beneficial

Control from everywhere
Perfect for: Hotels, Resorts, Golf Clubs, Patios, Condominiums and other large territories
Undetectable to humans but irresistible to Mosquitoes

Designed for outdoor usage

Covers up to 2 acres

Mosqitter’s mission is to accelerate the development and widespread adoption of smart, eco-friendly pest control solutions, by reducing the usage of harmful chemicals to preserve the environment.

Our solution will allow a lot of countries to save significant amount of money and resources by protecting health of its citizens in a natural and sustainable way.

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