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Wood Mood Candles

Natural designer candles that can be easily recharged with a spare refill

Featured Products

Standard size gift candle in wood with textured bark

VOLCANO Original

Silky sanded candle with lavender scent and hand embroidery

Set of 3 Candle Refills Compact Size

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About Our Company

hand craft

Each WOOD MOOD product is the result of the dedicated work of creative individuals who are passionate about their craft.

By limiting the use of machinery in production, we preserve the artistry and essence of the product, ensuring that every candle you have on your table is unique.


Since 2019, we have conducted hundreds of regular tests. Therefore, we guarantee safety for indoor use. Just don’t forget basic safety precautions.

The lower part of the candle is made heavy so that the candle always remains stable. In addition, it protects your table from possible temperature effects.


Patented safe & rechargeable design, made for lasting experience
Wooden tray with a leather bottom inside. Perfect for decoration and arranging your accessories.

few lines about the founders

Hi! We are Anastasiia & Andrii ☺️

We are founders of family-run WOOD MOOD brand. Our journey began in 2019 with the idea to create a sustainable scented candle made of natural and harmless ingredients, using our own expertise from scratch.

As parents of four kids, we are acutely aware of the responsibility we have for safety and wellness. That’s why we are in charge of every WOOD MOOD product.​

We adhere to mindful design and artistry craft for precious impressions of our customers. All goods are produced in Ukraine, in the centre of European wooden craftsmanship and incredible creativity.

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