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Womenswear brand that balances simplicity and sophistication

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About Our Company

PODYH was founded in 2021. It positions itself at the crossroads of architecture and fashion.

The patron of the brand – Daria Plaksyuk – graduated from architecture school. The architecture background has a strong influence on aesthetics and meaningfulness of brand clothes and accessories.

An architect always pays attention to the functionality, climate conditions, landscape, and environment of the future building. And make appropriate compositional and structural decisions.

This is very similar to how clothes are designed. Season and local conditions dictate materials selection. Functionality and durability are achieved by technological and constructive decisions of various parts of ware, while being comfortable at the same time.

Similar to buildings devoid of the unnecessary aesthetic “noise” of advertising posters, PODYH wares are not oversaturated with details, color or decor.

Each element is justified, corresponds to the idea and creates a complete composition of volumes and lines. Inspired by outstanding architects of the past and present, who often involve artists and sculptors to enrich the object with details and give it a feeling of completeness, the designer pays great attention to hand work – even slight hand-made stiches make the thing more meaningful and valuable.

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