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Wide range of art supplies for the professional artist or the hobbyist

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Watercolours set LANDSCAPE

Hand Primed Cotton Canvas Rolls

Sketchbook black and kraft paper

Oil colours set „Classic“ 12х45ml

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About Our Company

ROSA is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of professional art products, hobby and  decorating materials.

We have 26 year of experience in art production. Not only Ukrainian but also world artists work with ROSA brand products. We have been exporting our art materials to 36 countries.

To create and refine our products, we carefully study the customers’ demands, our partners’ feedback and market trends. We also actively participate in national and international exhibitions.

Our highly-qualified specialists on staff, own state-of-the-art laboratory, up-to-date techniques, specialized equipment and the use of high-quality natural materials give us the opportunity to meet the customers’ demands and even go beyond their expectations.

We combine time-honored traditions with modern techniques, deep attention to every detail with challenging ideas to make products that will satisfy the highest requirements.

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