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Personalized handcrafted leather gifts with outstanding design

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Money clip leather wallet

Personalized handwriting docking station

Leather Dog poop bag dispenser

Rustic buckle leather dog collar personalized

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About Our Company

If I told you I’m a law student, I bet I’ll see smile and confusion on your face 🙂
But indeed I am. At least for this moment.

I guess it’s record heat during the recent summer, that changed something inside of my head.
I dived into the world of creativity, natural materials, and hard work.
Smell of wood turned out to be super addictive.

My great-grandfather was a wheelwright and furniture maker.
He teached my father to love handcrafts and wood since childhood.
My father runs a sawmill now.

I had role models and plenty of time to learn how to get the work done.
And I have tons of ideas to experiment with.

I think my mission is to combine the heritage attitude to woodworking with modern design ideas.

I’m passionate about creating things of fascinating quality, fabulous construction, and outstanding design.

I started to work with leather, and it’s another long story that still has to be told, but meanwhile – work, work, and work!

US Retailer 1

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