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Ukrainian brand that creates decor and tableware from ecological and recycled materials

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About Our Company

Masha Yakush is a visionary entrepreneur and the founder of YAKUSH.

With a deep passion for restaurant culture, Masha decided to use her extensive experience in restaurant consulting to create a brand that would diversify the tableware.

The story of YAKUSH began with Masha’s fascination with restaurant culture. She observed that while many restaurants had unique and delicious food, the tableware they used was often generic and uninspiring. She saw an opportunity to enhance the overall dining experience by introducing a line of high-quality, aesthetically pleasing tableware.

With this vision in mind, Masha embarked on a journey to create her own line of tableware. She spent countless hours researching and experimenting with different materials, shapes, and designs, drawing inspiration from her travels around the world and her visits to museums featuring ancient artifacts and antique tableware.


YAKUSH founded by Masha Yakush in 2017
The glass inspired by ancient forms. Perfect for sherry, liquor.


Blown glass products are the main direction of the YAKUSH brand. Our manufacturing site is located in Lviv (Ukraine). Blown glass is unique because the objects are made by free blowing. Blown (Guta) comes from the German word hutte – guta-a glass-blowing workshop. This unique technology was invented in Ukraine in the 15th century. A molten ball is being blown out through the tube. It is being corrected with wooden bars, tongs. The result is taken off the tube and placed on an iron rod (“pontius”) and the processing is being continued. If necessary, a master opens the top or rolls out the lower part, pulls, bends, cuts viscous glass with the help of special tools. Also, before creating an object from blown (guta) glass, we remelt the broken glass (we take it from factories that are no longer functioning) and, thus, give a new life to the shards.
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