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A niche women's clothing brand for real #TYUTYUGIRL

Featured Products

Caramel color Tulle skirt with ruffles AIRSKIRT

Shirt-dress with collar Tyu-Tyu! Beige in floral print

Shirt-dress Boyfriend's Tyu-Tyu! Milk in red-navy blue tartan

Constructor-dress black Airdress with removable blush pink skirt

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About Our Company

For over 4 years we have been creating special, unusual, a little crazy, conceptual wear that not everyone will understand and feel.
But if one day you buy a skirt or dress from Tyu-Tyu!, then it’s love forever.
In four years of our history, thousands girls all over Ukraine and  allworld has fallen in love with Tyu-Tyu brand.
Tyu-Tyu! is the author of bestsellers such as the tulle skirt Airskirt and the constructor dress Airdress.
“Forever #tyutyugirl in heart” – this idea is the basis of the brand’s philosophy.

“Tyu-Tyu!” was created September 1, 2015 in Kiev. Tyu-Tyu – entered the market as the first Ukrainian monobrand of airskirts. At the beginning of the formation, the brand’s mission was to make AIRSKIRT an element of the basic wardrobe and introduce the word AIRSKIRT as a variety of skirts into everyday colloquial speech. The first “release” can be considered a market Всі.Свої in October of the same year. Unforgettable emotions and memories – this is to observe the reaction of visitors on the market when they first saw the skirts from “Tyu-Tyu!”. It seemed that at that moment they were becoming a little happier.

The first top-product of the brand is tulle skirt AIRSKIRT. The basis was taken on the legendary tulle skirt. We adapted it to our idea of the perfect tutu - we chose the best fabric, lining, model.
AIRDRESS consists of two parts – sweatshirt (or shirt) and a removable skirt, which together create a unique dress. This dress has thousands of options and combinations. Client is involved in the process of creating his dress - experimenting, combining, mixing different combinations, customizing.

In 2019 we launched a new direction – Tyu-Tyu! Home (products for home). Now it is actively developing. Textile and decor from Tyu-Tyu Home help create a special, cozy atmosphere in home. In our opinion, we select the best and trendy decor items for the interior from various manufacturers. Also among the assortment there are textiles for the home and our production.

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There are also cruise, evening and casual clothing lines in our assortment, which are constantly updated with new models.

Feature and advantage is that we carry out individual orders of our models. If you did not find the desired color, size, length among the assortment, we can create a dress / skirt / specific brand model for an individual order.

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