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Beautiful kids teepee, mamaroo covers and inserts, and decor that add magic to your nursery

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Small 36 inches Kids Teepee

Insert for Mamaroo 2022

Square shaped velvet pillow, personalized

Baby play mat

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About Our Company

Hello, my name is Valeriya and this is my project.
I’m very glad to see you on my page!

ITSFORKIDS was created for children, with love for them in every product.
The first teepee I sewed for my daughter, when I wanted to give her a magic corner, place of rest and her little secrets.
My products were created primarily for my own children, in order to make their childhood brighter and more beautiful.

Each of us in childhood built houses from chairs, blankets and pillows, covered table with a blanket and imagined that it was our secret place, where was so nice to hide from everyone and dream. In forest we built real huts from branches and played robbers. And these memories, joy from playing games stay with us even when we grow up. Remembering all my emotions, I want my children to experience it too.

Now you don’t need to build towers from chairs, just select a teepee, which will nicely complement your interior. Teepee will become a nice decoration for children’s room, you can always take it out on the garden for a game or take it with you to the beach. In teepee your child can play with friends, read books with mom or just sleep.

My kids are always happy to be my models and help me to create the perfect pictures.
I believe that every child deserves to be surrounded by the most beautiful and interesting things that would make his childhood bright and memorable.

I hope you like my products and they’ll become a beautiful part of your children’s rooms.

US Retailer 1

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