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Dear friend! This is a challenging time for Ukraine, which is suffering from the unprovoked full-scale Russian invasion. There are many great products and worldwide famous brands made in Ukraine – from designer clothes and cosmetics to toys and art supplies. Even the smallest purchase of yours can make the biggest difference for the people of Ukraine. Please help us fight the darkness and spend with Ukraine to stand with Ukrainians! There’s no guarantees in life, but we are doing our best to confirm that all of the stores are supplying to the US and all the customers are successfully receiving their purchases in time.

Have A Rest

Elegant strong suitcases with built-in scales – very smart


World’s first smart solar blinds that make energy


The World’s smartest and most beautiful clock


Electric bikes that reach 50 mph and run up to 200 miles in one charge

Ajax Systems

Professional security system is your protection in an imperfect world


The best home cameras designed for pet parents – even dispenses treats


Unique ornaments, figurines, Christmas decorations and Easter gifts


Production of high quality acoustic guitars and banduras


Top fashion shoe and handbag brand – express yourself!

Lovare Tea

Premium Ceylon and herbal blends in elegant tube packaging

Rosa Gallery

Wide range of art supplies for the professional artist or the hobbyist


Professional knife sharpeners

How YouCan Help

If you have information about Ukrainian products or services available in the USA, please contact me →